Thursday, June 18, 2020

Landauer on Alexandrowicz and international law

Carl Landauer, international lawyer, has published "The Polish Rider: CH Alexandrowicz and the reorientation of international law, Part I: Madras studies" in London Review of International Law, vol.7, issue 3, pp.321-52. Here's the abstract: 
This article analyses the prominent international legal historian, CH Alexandrowicz, known largely for his advocating of the East’s imprint on international law. It places his perspective of the East and South, and his diachronic narrative—the rise of naturalism, its fall to positivism, and eventual promise of return from positivism—in the context of his own traversing of geographies and his intellectual commitments, including his study of the Indian Constitution.
Further information is available here.

--posted by Mitra Sharafi