Monday, March 1, 2021

Center for the Study of Law and Society Spring '21 Speaker Schedule

The Center for the Study of Law and Society at the University of California, Berkeley, has posted the lineup for its Spring 2021 speaker series. Readers may be particularly interested in the following:

March 1. Paul Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Florida, “The Division of an Empire: The Settler Colonial and Revolutionary Entanglements of Dartmouth v. Woodward." 

April 12. Christopher Tomlins (University of California, Berkeley), In the Matter of Nat Turner: A Speculative History (Princeton University Press, 2020), with comments from Dylan Penningroth and Stephanie Jones-Rogers.

April 19. Armando Lara-Millán (University of California, Berkeley), Redistributing the Poor: The Transformation of Jails and Hospitals in the Era of Urban Austerity and Progressive Law (Oxford University Press, Forthcoming 2021).

-- Karen Tani