Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Michael Stolleis (1941-2021)

Michael Stolleis, an Honorary Fellow of the American Society for Legal History since 2001, has died.  Here is the notice of the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory:

Michael Stolleis passed away in Frankfurt on 18 March 2021, just a few months before his 80th birthday. The Max Planck Institute owes him a great deal. Since joining the Max Planck Society in 1991, he shaped our Institute like no other. He led it alone for many years, and even after his retirement, he took on the responsibility again. His approachability, his unconditional reliability and his rhetorical elegance have been exemplary for many members of staff. Without Michael Stolleis, we would not have this new building on the Westend Campus, something he was always quite pleased about – and without him, we would likely no longer exist as an Institute.

We have placed a book of condolence in the foyer of the Institute until the 16 April, which Institute staff members are invited to sign. We will also include letters in the book that are submitted to us; they can be addressed to the Managing Director Thomas Duve, for the attention of Nicole Pasakarnis.
Thomas Duve's obituary is here

--Dan Ernst.  H/t: DS