Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Barnes on Fleming on Law and Consumer Finance

Victoria Barnes has published Anne Fleming’s History of Law and Consumer Finance in Enterprise & Society.  The essay is available online and open access.  It commences:

This review article does not set out to retell the story of Anne Fleming’s life in a chronological fashion, but rather it engages intellectually with the themes in Anne’s scholarship. Anne’s passing means that her thoughts, guidance, and encouragement are lost to the scholarly communities of which she was a part. Over the course of her career, Anne offered sage advice, she helped others to develop their work, and she supported them wherever she could.1 Now, there will no longer be that voice in the conference room, the office, or the lecture hall. We will not know how her presence would have influenced the field in the years to come and how her engagement with other scholars would have shaped them. So I write to gather together the ideas within Anne’s work, hoping to provide a fuller set of insights than can be gleaned by reading pieces of her scholarship individually. This integrated and coordinated view is the sort of comprehensive thinking that she would have given in her interactions.
–Dan Ernst