Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Global Forensic Histories Workshop

A group of historians of law, medicine, and science came together for a virtual workshop in March 2021. The Global Forensic Histories Workshop was co-organized by Binyamin Blum (UC Hastings Law) and our blogger Mitra Sharafi (University of Wisconsin Law School). It was co-sponsored by UC Hastings Law, UW Law School, and the American Society for Legal History. 

Here is the line-up of papers:

Day 1 (Chair: Binyamin Blum)

Khaled Fahmy (University of Cambridge), “Forensic Medicine in nineteenth- century Egypt”

  • Mina Khalili (New York University), “Redefining Criminal Evidence”

Susanna Blumenthal (University of Minnesota), “Toward a Genealogy of the Pathological Liar”

Mitra Sharafi (University of Wisconsin–Madison), “Planted Poison and Wrongful Convictions”

Ian Burney (Manchester University), “A History of Innocence: Erle Stanley Gardner, the Court of Last Resort, and the Pursuit of Wrongful Conviction in Post-war America”

Day 2 (Chair: Mitra Sharafi)

Projit Mukharji (University of Pennsylvania), “Psychic Detectives: Occult technologies and braided forensics in the British Raj”

Keren Weitzberg (University College London), “White Backlash”

Claire Cage (University of South Alabama), “Reproductive Bodies and Forensic Medicine in Modern France”

Catherine Evans (University of Toronto), “Burning Bodies and Medico- Legal Expertise in Nineteenth-Century Britain”

Binyamin Blum (University of California, Hastings), “Forensic Culture in the Age of Empire: How Colonialism Shaped the Forensic Sciences”

Chris Hamlin (University of Notre Dame), “The severing of forensic medicine from public health”

The group shared meals at the end of each day using Uber Eats and SpatialChat.

--Mitra Sharafi