Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ASLH Proposals Due February 1

REMINDER: Proposals for the 2007 American Society for Legal History conference are due soon-- February 1. For my original post, with links and details, go here. If you're serious about legal history, you need to go to this meeting, at least periodically.

The 2007 meeting will be October 25-28, 2007 in Tempe, Arizona. Some ASLH-ers may wonder...why Tempe? Well, this is not an ASLH retreat to an isolated desert spa. Tempe is part of the Phoenix metro area, and, of course, Phoenix is a major American city. Major hub. Lots of flights & good connections. As I understand it, Tempe is to Phoenix as Santa Monica is to L.A. (Sort of. Probably with less spandex & lipo.)

That it is beautiful there goes without saying. Here's a photo tour, outside of town. For a city photo tour, go here.

There are, of course, great hiking and outdoor opportunities is the area. Some links are here.

Fans of Southwestern art might take a side trip to Scottsdale for a fine arts show, on-going during the meeting. See links here, and here.

Phoenix/Tempe is a superb place for foodies. You can find things there that you can't get in New York. Here's one place to start.

So work on that proposal and then you can get a head start on your restaurant reservations....