Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recent Articles in American Legal and Constitutional History

The Journal of American History has posted its list of recently published scholarship, to accompany the March 2007 issue of the journal. Below are the articles listed in the Legal and Constitutional History category. Books and dissertations will follow in a later post.

To see the full Legal and Constitutional History list, click here. For the full list of all recent scholarship, click here. (No subscription required.)
Ackerman, Bruce, “Interpreting the Women’s Movement,” California Law Review, 94 (Jan. 2006), 1421–37.

Allen, Jody, “Recovering a ‘Lost’ Story Using Oral History: The United States Supreme Court’s Historic Green v. New Kent County, Virginia, Decision,” Oral History Review, 33 (Summer–Fall 2006), 25–44.

Berkey, Curtis G., “Rethinking the Role of the Federal Trust Responsibility in Protecting Indian Land and Resources,” Denver University Law Review, 83 (no. 4, 2006), 1069–81.

Boyd, J. Barron, “Parchment Barriers Revisited: The U.S. and South African Bills of Rights,” Safundi (no. 22, April 2006)

Carpenter, Kristen A., “Old Ground and New Directions at Sacred Sites on the Western Landscape,” Denver University Law Review, 83 (no. 4, 2006), 981–1002.

Cheever, Federico, “Confronting Our Shared Legacy of Incongruous Land Ownership: Notes for a Research Agenda,” Denver University Law Review, 83 (no. 4, 2006), 1039–56.

Farber, Daniel A., “Completing the Work of the Framers: Lincoln’s Constitutional Legacy,” Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, 27 (Winter 2006), 1–12.

Funk Miles, Maria, “The Value of a Woman: A Comparison of the Laws and the Traditions of Divorce in Medieval Europe and Modern America,” UCLA Women’s Law Journal, 15 (Fall 2006), 139–69.

Heath, Milton S., Jr., and Alex S. Hess III, “The Governors’ Leadership Role in Developing Modern North Carolina Environmental Law: 1967–1983,” North Carolina Law Review, 84 (Sept. 2006), 2031–65.

Hughes, Justin, “Copyright and Incomplete Historiographies: Of Piracy, Propertization, and Thomas Jefferson,” Southern California Law Review, 79 (July 2006), 993–1084.

Kamalu, Johnson A., “From Bakke to Grutter: The Supreme Court and the Struggle over Affirmative Action in the Era of Globalization,” Western Journal of Black Studies, 28 (Winter 2004), 489–500.

Peak, Kenneth J., and Jason W. Peak, “Liquor Wars and the Law,” Kansas History, 29 (Summer 2006), 84–99.

Ragsdale, John W., Jr., “The Chiricahua Apaches and the Assimilation Movement, 1865–1886: A Historical Examination,” American Indian Law Review, 30 (no. 2, 2005–2006), 291–363.

Siegel, Reva B., “Constitutional Culture, Social Movement Conflict, and Constitutional Change: The Case of the De Facto era,” California Law Review, 94 (Jan. 2006), 1323–1419.

Silverman, Joel, “Krieger v. Mittelman and Jewish Perceptions of the Refugee in the Early Cold War,” Judaism, 55 (Summer–Fall 2006), 40–54.

Tsesis, Alexander, “A Civil Rights Approach: Achieving Revolutionary Abolitionism through the Thirteenth Amendment,” U.C. Davis Law Review, 39 (June 2006), 1773–1849.

Wilkinson, Charles, “Listening to All the Voices, Old and New: The Evolution of Land Ownership in the Modern West,” Denver University Law Review, 83 (no. 4, 2006), 945–61.