Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Glashausser on the Global Legal History of the New York Yankees

Alex Glashausser, Washburn, has posted a paper, A Global Enterprise (in Courting the Yankees). The essay is a chapter in Ettie Ward, ed., Courting the Yankees: Legal Essays on the Bronx Bombers (Carolina Academic Press, 2003). (Here's hoping the author will update his listing to include full book citation info with his paper). The collection includes many essays on the Yankees in legal history, including Ward's own chapter on "The Catcher Who Fell to Earth." Here's Glashausser's abstract:

The New York Yankees may be, with apologies to the Atlanta Braves, “America's Team.” But from Babe Ruth's barnstorming tour of Cuba in 1920 through the recruitment of current stars such as Hideki Matsui, the baseball team has operated internationally. Along the way, it has encountered various legal obstacles. This chapter details the Yankees' involvement in a wide variety of international legal issues both serious and frivolous, ranging from the fabled defection of Orlando Hernandez from Cuba to the criminal and civil litigation that embroiled Dave Winfield in Canada after he beaned a seagull.