Thursday, May 10, 2007

Law Books in History: International Symposium this June

Much attention has been paid in recent years to "the history of the book." There is even a journal devoted to the topic. Now there is welcome and serious attention to the history of the law book, with an international symposium planned on the topic. And in Sweden, no less. Weren't you looking for a summer adventure?


An International Symposium
on Rare Law Books, Law Book
Collections and Libraries

Malmo, Sweden
June 19-21, 2007

Sponsored by the Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, with support from the Einar Hansen Allhem Foundation and the Einar Hansen Research Fund.

The conference will focus on the history of law books, law book collections, and law libraries. One important purpose of this conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary research not only on the law books themselves but also on the spirit, the minds, of the law books as important contexts to contemporary legal science. The conference language will be English.

Registration fee (including 3 lunches and 2 dinners) is 1,500 Swedish Kronor (approximately $225 US).

To apply to participate in the symposium, write BEFORE JUNE 1 to:

Professor Kjell A. Modeer
Faculty of Law
Lund University
P.O. Box 207
SE - 221 00 Lund

Organizing Committee: Kjell A. Modeer (Lund University), chair; Michael H. Hoeflich (University of Kansas); Michael Widener (Yale University).

Speakers: Karen Beck (Boston College), James Brundage (University of Kansas), John Cairns (University of Edinburgh), Carolyn Clark (University of Virginia), Morris Cohen (Yale University), Michael Hoeflich (University of Kansas), Emily Kadens (University of Texas), Joe Luttrell (Meyer Boswell Books), Robert Mead (State Law Library of New Mexico), Kjell Modeer (Lund University), Thomas Reynolds (University of California-Berkeley), Per Ridderstad (Lund University), Steve Sheppard (University of Arkansas-Fayetteville), Ditlev Tamm (Copenhagen University), Anthony Taussig (Lincoln's Inn), Michael Widener (Yale University), Alain Wijffels (Universities of Brussels, Leiden & Louvain).

Photo credit: Thomas Jefferson's Library, from Richard W. Clement's History of the Book webpage.