Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Question about Mobile Blogging...

Since readers have been so helpful in the past, I have a request for some advice.

I need to upgrade equipment and service so that I can both blog and have better e-mail access while on the road. This will be especially true during the next academic year, when I will regularly spend a few hours on Amtrak to Princeton.

Yes, I know that there is information on Mobile Blogging in the Blogger help menu. What I could use is advice from bloggers, and even from mobile e-mail users, of the best equipment and service. When I look at coverage areas for mobile broadband, for example, the coverage appears to be very poor in the smaller cities I often find myself in. Right now, not being a fan of 24/7 e-mail access, I don't even have a Blackberry. But I am planning to move out of the Stone Age.

With the new technology out there, if you needed a smart phone, and ideally laptop internet access, for blogging and other things for work while traveling through large & small cities, what equipment and which service would you pick? Posting comments would be ideal, since others will be interested (you can create a pseudonym, you simply have to register). Or you can e-mail me.