Friday, May 4, 2007

On-Line Directory of History Journals

The American Historical Association has created an on-line Directory of History Journals, just one of several useful announcements/essays in the May issue of AHA Perspectives. This extremely helpful resource lets you browse by name of journal, and it has a search function, enabling subject matter searches. There are links to journal websites, many (most?) with publication and submissions information. A search for "legal history" turns up six journals, and a search for "law" turns up ten. A search for "women" results in 30 journals, "gender" in 15, and "sex" in 7. Etc. It is a good way to identify a venue for your work that you may not have thought of, and to quickly find publication requirements for journals you're already familiar with.

How I wish something like this had existed when I was a graduate student. This will make a broad array of journals much more accessible to a wide range of scholars and readers. Hats off to the AHA!