Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to Get a Fellowship

Since it is fellowship season, I thought I would post links to earlier posts you may have missed:

How to Get a Fellowship: Tips for Law Faculty

And more advice here.

One thing to think about: I have heard from many of you. You are all applying for the same thing. The best way to ensure success is to apply for something that everyone else is not applying for.

Many deadlines are yet to come, but some will be very soon. Get help from a grants officer on campus. Join the American Historical Association to gain access to their searchable database. Keep an eye out for announcements on this blog and others. And with the high-profile national fellowships, don't be discouraged if you aren't successful the first time around. One Guggenheim fellow for 2007-08, a poet, applied every year for 20 years (not recommended!) before hitting the jackpot.

Best of luck!