Monday, December 31, 2007

Grover, Khurana and Shankar, The Regulatory Norms of Corporate Governance in India

The Regulatory Norms of Corporate Governance in India is a new paper posted by Dimple Grover, Institute for Integrated Learning in Management; Amulya Khurana, IIT Delhi; and Ravi Shankar, IIT Delhi. Here's the abstract:
India, with its vast population has emerged as one of the most attractive country for the multi nationals as they scourge around the world to woo the customer. Offering every lucrative kitty from their basket these organizations in their attempt to attract the customer have engaged in number of malpractices damaging the geo, socio, and political climate of the destination (new) country. The governments' worldwide are building norms and regulations to curb their malpractices. India, too in order to protect its stakeholders from falling into the trap of these companies is gearing up its norms keeping in mind the international benchmarks. Though, having a long history but a short past these regulations have been a part of Indian policies ever since the trading began in an organized form. Right from the time of arrival of East India Company to the Coca Cola, there have been partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and they call for strict and stringent norms to bring ethical behavior of these companies. The present paper talks about the regulatory frameworks since its inception from 1650 onwards.