Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog glitch today -- fixed

  • Another update: I found a workaround, so if you have had trouble accessing the Legal History Blog in Internet Explorer, you should be able to access it now. More details for fellow bloggers are below.
  • And as of this afternoon, all funcionality appears to be back to normal. No more need for a workaround.
If you are unable to access the Legal History Blog today via Internet Explorer, the blog appears to be accessible on other browsers (e.g. Safari). I'm having this problem, and would appreciate hearing from other readers -- your comments will get to me via email. I have not seen Blogger buzz about this problem. Hope it is very temporary. I can get into Blogger to post, so I will continue to try to provide content to those who can see it.

Update: If you're a blogger and running into the problem, which appears to be widespread, info and possible fixes are here.

The workaround: If you're a blogger and running into this issue, it appears to be an incompatibility between Blogger and Sitemeter. I was able to access my Dashboard by going there directly, rather than going to my blog and logging in from there. Once you're in the Dashboard, go to Layout. Copy your Sitemeter code, saving it anywhere (e.g. a wordprocessing file), and then delete it. You and your readers should be able to access the blog, but of course Sitemeter will not work. You can put the Sitemeter back once the underlying problem has been resolved.