Thursday, December 16, 2010

AHA Annual Meeting: "History, Society, and the Sacred"

"History, Society, and the Sacred" is the theme of the next Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, scheduled to convene January 6-9, 2011, in Boston.

The legal history offerings appear strong and diverse. Here are some panel titles I culled from the program:
Constructing Penal Modernity: A Comparative View of Twentieth-Century Prison Systems

The State of Abolition Studies: From the Sacred to the Secular?

Religious Legal Institutions and Economic Performance in Comparative Jewish-Muslim Perspective

Same-Sex Marriage in Historical and Transnational Perspective

The Borders of Immigration History: Citizenship and Politics from the Local to the Global

Captivity, Conversion, and Islamic Law in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire

On the Fringes of Freedom: Reconsidering Slavery and Forced Servitude in the Greater Caribbean and Mexico

Human Rights and Humanitarianism, 1870s to 1970s

The Trials of Translation: Early Modern Interpreters, Courts, and Empires

Law and Violence on the British Indian Frontier: Colonialism and Exceptional Jurisdiction

Law and Order in Early Modern East Asia

Shaping Future Citizens: State Interventions in Maternal and Child Health, Culture, and Society across Twentieth-Century Latin America and the Caribbean

Catholicism, Schism, Urban Politics, and the Law: Recent Research in Polish American History

Crime and Punishment in Liberal and Fascist Italy

Fathers of Feminism? Transatlantic Perspectives on Men’s Engagement with Women’s Rights
More information on registration, programming, and accommodations, is here. Register by December 22 to get the "early bird" rate.

P.S. Contact us if you plan to attend and would like to report on a legal history panel!

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