Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekend Roundup

  • The editors of The Browser ask experts to recommend five "must read" books in their subject area. They recently tapped Molly Greene (Princeton University) for a reading list on "Chaos in the 17th-Century Mediterranean." Her picks help explain how, in that unique time and place, "it was possible to have 'order without law.'"
  • More remembrances of the great Morris Cohen are here and here. The Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library has set up a tribute page here.
  • Winners Legal History: The Coffee Mug. A recent post on Dallas Blog on gifts for lawyers included not only the Green Bag's bobbleheads but also a coffee mug "with a unique feature: pour a hot beverage in, and the loser's names [in the landmark decisions adorning its exterior] disappear, leaving only the winners of these famous Supreme Court cases."