Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grad Fellowship in Human Rights & Legal Pluralism

Here's an interesting opportunity for graduate students.  The need to apply apply to McGill may make the fellowship application seem onerous -- but this also serves as a filter, making it easier for the right candidate to be competitive.



Faculty of Law, McGill University
 The O'Brien Fellowship was established in 2005 through a  very generous gift from David O'Brien for outstanding 
 Masters or Doctoral students studying in the area of human  rights and legal pluralism in the Faculty of Law, McGill 
 University. McGill's graduate programs in law are the most  extensive in Canada. Courses draw upon the civilian and 
 common law traditions, but also include diverse legal  traditions, legal theory, international law, environmental 
 law, health law, human rights law, comparative private and  public law, and air and space law.
 O'Brien Fellows become members of the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, a focal point for innovative 
 legal and interdisciplinary research, dialogue, and outreach on human rights and legal pluralism. The O'Brien 
 Fellowships are valued at $25,000 per annum. Fellows pay fees at the level of Quebec residents and receive one 
 travel grant per year to present their research results at an academic conference.
 Successful applicants will have an outstanding academic record and a strong research proposal in the field of human 
 rights and legal pluralism. The deadline for O'Brien Fellowship applications is January 15th, 2011. Further 
 information and application forms are available on the web.
 Applicants who are not currently enrolled in the LL.M. or D.C.L. program at McGill must also file an application for 
 admission to one of these programs by January 15th, 2011.  For further information about admission to the graduate law 
 program is here.