Thursday, December 30, 2010

OAH Annual Meeting: early bird registration ends tomorrow

The next annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians will be in Houston, from March 17 to March 20, 2011. A heads up for those planning on attending: "early bird" registration ends tomorrow, December 31.

The full program does not appear to be available yet, so we can't comment on the legal history offerings, but here's the overview:
The 2011 OAH Annual Meeting program covers the full chronological sweep of the American past, from pre-Columbian years to the twenty-first century, and the rich thematic diversity that has come to characterize contemporary American history writing and teaching. The program includes sessions for all practitioners of history, including those employed at universities, colleges, community colleges and secondary schools, public history institutions, and independent scholars.
Scheduled events include:
  1. Thursday afternoon plenary session entitled, “Dividing a Nation: The Origins of the Secession Crisis and the Civil War”
  1. Friday afternoon plenary session entitled, “September 11th: Ten Years After”
  1. Sessions dealing with hot topics in the history profession, including “History Wars: The Texas Textbook Controversy"
  1. Workshops focused on the best practices of teaching history at the community college level and the impact of Teaching American History grants on precollegiate education
  1. State of the Field sessions designed to keep educators current on the historiography of a subfield and its evolution during the past ten to twenty years
Continue checking the program website for updates.