Saturday, January 8, 2011

Law & Society at German Studies

[Here's a Call for Papers for the 2011 annual meeting of the German Studies Association.]

For the 2011 German Studies Association meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, we will be convening a series of panels on the role of law in society and the economy. We construe our theme very broadly: papers might be about the law alone, about the legal implications of an economic episode, or about the cultural construction of law. We envisage a broad set of topics, from the development of specific legal practices and cultures in Germany to the function of law in wider cultural fields; from theories of law and the emergence of the so-called Rechtsstaat to the development of business law and legal integration in the nineteenth century. From the philosophy of law to the legal cultures and literatures that extend from medieval to modern periods, these panels are intended to foster an extended conversation on the law across humanities and social science disciplines.

We encourage submissions from scholars in all aspects of the law and the social sciences from various backgrounds, and are especially interested in both methodological and temporal breadth. The deadline for submissions is 28 January 2011, and should be in the form of an abstract for proposed paper and/or entire panel (150-200 words).

We encourage submission of individual papers. Whereas, the GSA prefers complete panels, we hope to combine papers sent to us into complete panels, and send them along to the GSA organizers.

Please submit abstracts both to the organizers [named below] and to the GSA

For queries and submissions, please contact:
Timothy Guinnane timothy.guinnane[at]
Sace Elder seelder[at]

Hat tip: H-Law