Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thank you, Elizabeth Pleck and Anders Walker!

We owe a big thank you to two recent guest bloggers.

Elizabeth Pleck gave us glimpses of the stories and questions she discusses in her new book, Not Just Roommates: Cohabitation after the Sexual Revolution (University of Chicago Press).

Anders Walker treated us to a valuable series of posts on the U.S. Legal History survey. For ease of reference, here's a compilation:
The Survey: Why?

Listening to Rakove
Integrating Tomlins
Equality at the Founding

The Early (French) Republic

Inequality, Slavery & Rights

Reconstruction/Long Civil War


Southern Pluralism

Culture & Rights in the Post-Brown Era

Sample Syllabus
Guests like these help us keep the blog fresh and interesting, so please join us in thanking Elizabeth Pleck and Anders Walker.