Friday, September 28, 2012

The ICC Remembered

Library of Congress
The Marquette Law Review published, in its 95:4 (2012) issue, a symposium on the Interstate Commerce Act and the commission it created: "125 Years Since the Interstate Commerce Act: A Symposium in the Form of a Final Convocation."

Joseph D. Kearney, "Foreword: The Last Assembly of Interstate Commerce Act Lawyers"

James W. Ely, Jr., "The Troubled Beginning of the Interstate Commerce Act"

Randal C. Picker, "The Interstate Commerce Act and the Sherman Act: Playing Railroad Tycoon"

Thomas W. Merrill, "The Interstate Commerce Act, Administered Contracts, and the Illusion of Comprehensive Regulation"

Paul Stephen Dempsey, "The Rise and Fall of the Interstate Commerce Commission: The Tortuous Path from Regulation to Deregulation of America's Infrastructure"

Richard D. Cudahy, "The Interstate Commerce Act as a Model of Regulation"

James B. Speta, “Supervising Discrimination: Reflections of the Interstate Commerce Act in the Broadband Debate”