Monday, December 24, 2012

December 2012 JAH is out

The December 2012 issue of the Journal of American History is out (subscribers may access content online). The issue includes:
  • Alice Kessler-Harris's recent Presidential Address, titled "Capitalism, Democracy, and the Emancipation of Belief."
  • "Moving beyond 'Rags to Riches': New York’s Irish Famine Immigrants and Their Surprising Savings Accounts," by Tyler Anbinder
  • "On a Temporary Basis: Immigration, Labor Unions, and the American Entertainment Industry, 1880s–1930s," by Krystyn Moon
  • A roundtable on Women’s and Gender History. Here's the journal's summary:
For decades, women’s and gender historians have sought to expand the boundaries of their field, interrogate its assumptions, and reshape standard narratives of U.S. history. Cornelia H. Dayton and Lisa Levenstein assess the state of the field, emphasizing how the scholarship of the past decade challenges U.S. historians to think in new ways about how they teach, synthesize, and design research. The field’s radical edge lives on in scholars’ ever-more-flexible understandings of gender and their new interpretations in areas such as state building, rights claiming, and empire. Following Dayton and Levenstein’s article, Natsuki Aruga, Crystal N. Feimster, Alice Kessler-Harris, Ana Elizabeth Rosas, and Elisabetta Vezzosi offer perspectives on the state of the field.
  • And as always, numerous reviews of exhibitions, books, films, and websites.