Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Conference: New World(s) of Faith: Religion and Law in Historical Perspective, 1500-2000

Today and tomorrow the University of Pennsylvania Law School hosts a mini-conference on "New World(s) of Faith: Religion and Law in Historical Perspective, 1500-2000." The event is co-sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Department of History; the American Society for Legal History; the University of Michigan Law School; the University of Chicago Law School; the University of Minnesota Law School and Department of History; and the University of Illinois School of Law. Here's the line-up:

June 12:
Faith and Outsiders in Spanish America
Kif Augustine-Adams, Brigham Young University
Counting Chinese in a Catholic Country: The 1930 Mexican Census and Religious Difference

Orlando Rivero-Valdés, University of Pittsburgh
Afro-Cuban Religions and Brujería in Post-Colonial Cuba, 1898-1938

Commentators: TBA
Keynote Address and Reception
Dylan Penningroth, Northwestern UniversityFaith and Property in African American History 
June 13:
Faith and Freedom in Nineteenth Century United States
Abigail Cooper, University of Pennsylvania
“A Mere Form”: Marriage Rites and Lived Religion in the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War
Lucas Volkman, University of Missouri
Turmoils and Temporalities: The Slavery Question and Church Property Disputes in Missouri

Christopher Tomlins, University of California, Irvine
Debt, Death, and Redemption: Toward a Soterial-Legal History of the Turner Rebellion

Commentators: William Novak, University of Michigan
Faith and Citizenship in a Secular Polity
Winston Bowman, Brandeis University
A Civil Death: Mormon Disenfranchisement in the Mountain West

Kellen Funk, Princeton Univeristy
“This Stone Which I Erect Shall Be a House of God”: Disestablishment and Religious Corporations in New York, 1784-1854

Jeffrey Perry, Purdue University
“For the Peace of Society”: Baptist Church Discipline and Legalities in Early Kentucky

Commentators: Sarah Barringer Gordon, University of Pennsylvania
Faith and Government in Modern America
Kathleen Holscher, University of Minnesota
School Prayer, Bible Reading, and the Catholic Vocabulary of Religious Freedom in Mid-Century America

Ronit Stahl, University of Michigan
Basic Training: The Unintentional Consequences of the Education Requirements for Military Chaplains

Commentators: Barbara Young Welke, University of Minnesota