Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LSA Stanton Wheeler Mentorship Award to Friedman

Congratulations to Lawrence Friedman (Stanford University)! The Law & Society Association has named him the winner of this year's Stanton Wheeler Mentorship award. Here's the citation:
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Lawrence M. Friedman has served as a beloved mentor to generations of students, colleagues, and scholars in the law and society tradition. Teaching over many years in a law school environment, he has educated and inspired not only his JD students but also undergraduate students and students in other graduate programs and professional schools. Students from outside the United States benefited from the international legal studies programs that Lawrence has helped to sustain. Colleagues near and far regard him as a model of “first-rate citizenship and institution-building for the profession at large.”
Lawrence Friedman’s mentorship goes well beyond inspiring others by outstanding teaching and brilliant and prolific scholarship. Many nominators wrote movingly of the way in which Lawrence Friedman took deep interest in their personal well-being and professional development. He offered trenchant advice and unflagging support that transformed their lives.
  • “I may not have found my place in legal education at all, but for Lawrence’s insightful tutelage and sheer tenacity in laboring long term as my mentor.”
  • “He believed in my potential as a scholar, perhaps even more than I did myself.”
  • “Without Lawrence’s support for my research and teaching ambitions, I truly do not know whether I would have been able to pursue the path that I have to this day.”
  • “His influence and his example impressed upon me the importance of doing everything I can to mentor my own students.”
For his outstanding mentorship of law and society scholars, Lawrence Friedman richly deserves the Stan Wheeler Mentorship Award.