Friday, September 12, 2014

Laeuchi's "Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone"

Ann Jordan Laeuchli has published Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone, with a foreword by Morris L. Cohen.  The bibliography, edited by James E. Mooney, is out from William S. Hein.
In 1938, Yale University Press published for the Yale Law Library Catherine Spicer Eller’s catalog of its William Blackstone Collection. This new catalog, built on Eller’s work, covers not only the Yale additions to the original Blackstone publication but also includes works by and about Blackstone printed in the roman alphabet held by other libraries, American and foreign. The number of entries here are more than twice the number of those in Eller and have a much more expanded entry format: complete title transcription with line endings; modern collation indicating size, signatures, leaves, and pagination; contents; notes; copy seen; and citation to bibliographic and electronic resources. In addition to Eller’s arrangement of the collection into nine categories (English, American, and other editions of Blackstone; abridgments and extracts; the Comic Blackstone; works founded on the Commentaries; biography and criticism; and other works by Blackstone), there are two brief new additions, one on catalogs, commemorations, exhibitions, and prospectuses and one on microtexts and electronic resources. There are also three appendixes (a full description of entry no. 1, the first edition; an excerpt from Eller’s Introduction; and a correlation of Eller and Laeuchli numbers) and three indexes (to authors, editors and translators; to places, publishers and booksellers; and to dedications).
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