Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Triangle Legal History Seminar

Here is the schedule for 2014-2015 for the Triangle Legal History Seminar.  All meetings from 4-6 at the National Humanities Center, unless otherwise noted.

September 12: John Wertheimer, Professor of History, Davidson College
“Before Femicide: Domestic Abuse and the Law in Mid-Twentieth-Century Guatemala”

 October 10: Kunal Parker, Professor of Law, University of Miami
"How Law Should Avoid Mistakes: Alexander Bickel's Jurisprudence of Mood."

November 14: Julie Mell, Assistant Professor of History, North Carolina State University
“The Legal Construction of the Jewish Usurer in Medieval Europe”

December 5: Richard Paschal, George Mason University Law School
“Jim Crow Laws in North Carolina” (presented at UNC-Law)

January 16: Taisu Zhang, Assistant Professor of Law, Duke University
“The Limited Reach of Limited Liability in Qing and Republican China”

February 13: Timur Kuran, Professor of Economics and Political Science, Duke University
“The Financial Power of the Politically Powerless: Credit Markets and the Rule of Law in Ottoman Istanbul”

February 27: Holly Brewer, Professor of History, University of Maryland
“Slavery and Sedition” (TLHS cosponsoring this meeting of the Triangle Early American History Seminar)

March 20: Amanda Hughett, Doctoral Candidate, Duke University Department of History
“Silencing the Cell Block: Prison Litigation, Federal Courts, and the Creation of North Carolina's Inmate Grievance Commission”

April 10: Emily Margolis, Doctoral Candidate, Duke University Department of History
“’Demon in the Shape of a Woman’: The Project of Disciplining Property-holding Married Women in the Antebellum American South”