Friday, November 20, 2015

CAL 2:2: Arts and the Aesthetic in Legal History

The on-line journal Critical Analysis of Law has just posted the special issue) Arts and the Aesthetic in Legal History, guest edited by Roy Kreitner, Anat Rosenberg, and Christopher Tomlins.  Also, be on the lookout for 3:1 (spring 2016), a special issue on "The New Ancient Legal History," guest edited by Cliff Ando.  H/t Markus D. Dubber

Art and the History of Environmental Law
David B. Schorr
“An Absurdly Quiet Spot”: The Spatial Justice of WW1 Fraternizations
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
The Realism of the Balance Sheet: Value Assessments Between the Debtors Act and The Picture of Dorian Gray
Anat Rosenberg
Styron’s Nat: or, The Metaphysics of Presence
Christopher Tomlins
Too Much Property
Ravit Reichman
The Legal Historian as Detective
Steven Wilf
“I Hear No Things Laid to My Charge”: Aurality in Anne Hutchinson’s Trial Transcript
Nan Goodman
Transitional Justice as a Modern Oedipus: The Emergence of a Right to Truth
Leora Bilsky
Jewish Law, Hasidic Lore, and Hollywood Legend: The Cantor, the Mystic, and the Jurist
Levi Cooper
Order in the Archives: The Victorian Art of Legal History
Christine L. Krueger
Effect and Technique in Legal Aesthetics
Simon Stern