Thursday, January 7, 2016

Aroney et al.'s "Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia"

Nicholas Aroney, University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law, Peter Gerangelos, University of Sydney Faculty of Law, Sarah Murray, University of Western Australia Faculty of Law, and James Stellios, Australian National University College of Law, have posted the front matter and first chapter of their new book, The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia: History, Principle and Interpretation (Cambridge University Press, 2015):
This book examines the body of Australian constitutional jurisprudence. Its aim is to be original and rigorous yet accessible. It begins by exploring the historical and intellectual context of ideas surrounding the Constitution’s inception, and closely examines its text, structure, principles and purposes in that light. The book then unpacks and critically analyses the High Court’s interpretation of the Constitution in a manner that follows the Constitution’s own logic and method of organisation. Each topic is defined through detailed reference to the existing case law, which is set out historically to facilitate an appreciation of the progressive development of constitutional doctrine since the Constitution came into force in 1901.
The topics taken up in the first chapter, “The Constitution,” are historical origins, political  development, institutions and  principles, and constitutionalism in practice.