Friday, January 22, 2016

Kaal and Oesterle on Regulating Hedge Funds

Wulf A. Kaal, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, School of Law, and Dale A. Oesterle, Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law, have posted The History of Hedge Fund Regulation in the United States, which is to appear in the Handbook on Hedge Funds (Oxford University Press, 2016):
The hedge fund industry in the United States evolved from a niche market participant in the early 1950s to a major industry operating in international financial markets. Hedge funds in the United States were originally privately-held, privately-managed investment funds, unregistered and exempt from federal securities regulation. With increasing investor demand and significant growth of the hedge fund industry came a tectonic shift in the regulatory framework applicable to the industry. The book chapter summarizes the regulatory evolution of the hedge fund industry.
As it happens, we've just noticed a related work: Onur Ozgode, “Governing the Economy at the Limits of Neoliberalism: The Genealogy of Systemic Risk Regulation in the United States, 1922–2012” (Ph.D. dissertation, Columbia University, 2015).