Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Originalism Boot Camp at Georgetown Law

[Via Legal Theory Blog, we have the following announcement.]

The Center for the Constitution at Georgetown Law will host the Originalism Boot Camp from May 23-27 of 2016.  This is a program for current law students and recent graduates.  Here are some the highlights.

Up to twenty accepted applicants will receive a $3,000 honorarium for their participation in the Summer Boot Camp. To receive the honorarium, participants must attend all five days of the seminar.  The Georgetown Center for the Constitution will cover travel costs and provide housing for non-resident participants. Travel will be arranged with the assistance of Georgetown Law’s travel agent.

Faculty includes Randy E. Barnett, Lawrence Solum, William Baude, Laura Donohue, Phillip Hamburger, Sai Prakash, and Michael Rappaport. 

Students will meet with Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court.  Also lunch discussions with Judge Diane Sykes of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and with Attorney General Ed Meese, panel discussion with Supreme Court litigators, and a comprehensive introduction to originalist constitutional theory and practice.

Please submit your résumé, transcript, and a brief (250 word) statement of interest by March15, 2016. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with priority for honoraria given to early applicants, and may be submitted to Alexa Gervasi at The statement of interest should explain how you would be benefited by participation in the Boot Camp.

You can download the program brochure here.