Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More news from H-Law: new listserv

We recently noted some exciting changes coming to H-Law, announced in a recent "State of the List" message. Here's what the plan is for H-Law's traditional listserv function:

[T]he Digital Commons is not well-suited to the sort of open and free discussion that once was the core element of H-Law.  With this truth in mind, H-Law – in partnership with the American Society for Legal History – has started a separate legal history listserv.  The LHL will look and feel much as the old H-Law 1.0 did. Members will post questions, comments, or replies, using their normal email programs.  Messages will be sent to a central page where moderators will evaluate the posts and then forward them to the whole list.  Where revisions are required, the moderator will contact the poster separately.  The same rules of netiquette and topic focus of H-Law (solely on legal history broadly defined) will govern the listserv and will be enforced.  Decisions on the suitability of a post will rest with the moderator and the H-Law Editorial Board.  Please note that those interested in joining the Legal History Listserv will need to register separately for that listserv.  Membership on H-Law will not provide access to the LHL.

To join the Legal History Listserv, go to http://lists.aslh.net/mailman/listinfo/legal-history-listserv