Friday, March 10, 2017

JAH 103:4

The Journal of American History 103:4 (March 2017) is out:

"Regenerating the World: The French Revolution, Civic Festivals, and the Forging of Modern American Democracy, 1793-1795," by Matthew Rainbow Hale

"Accounting for Conquest: The Price of the Louisiana Purchase of Indian Country," by Robert Lee

"Singing Exoticism: A Historical Anthropology of the G.I. Songs 'China Night' and 'Japanese Rumba,'" by Shin Aoki

"'We Can't Grow Food on All This Concrete': The Land Question, Agrarianism, and Black Nationalist Thought in the late 1960s and 1970s," by Russell Rickford

Textbooks and Teaching

"Globalizing the U.S. Survey," by Scott E. Casper and Laura Westhoff

"Globalizing the U.S. Survey-Course Textbook: Challenges, Choices, and Opportunities," by Carl J. Guarneri

"Why I'm Trying to Bring the World In," by Mary Ann Heiss
"Debating Political Economy: An Approach to Teaching the United States and the World," by Patrick Iber

"'Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Sports': Teaching the United States and the World in the Cold War," by Molly M. Wood