Thursday, March 23, 2017

Returning to LHB

I want to extend my thanks to the team at LHB, as they have been gracious in allowing me to return to my previous blogging stint which I began in late November, but was unable to complete at the time.

Today, I restart my series of posts related to issues in transnational, international and comparative legal history which were provoked by the writing of my first book. For reference, my introductory post, entitled What Are You?: Producing A First Book Amid Disciplinary and Geographic Migrations, is here. My second, entitled The Affinities and Disjunctures of History and Anthropology, is here.

Now onward and upward! My remaining posts will be:

3)     Functionalism and Synthetic History
4)     The Challenges of Comparative Law and Transnational History
5)     Empire and Imperialism: (Mis)Framing Cross-Cultural Engagements
6)     The Young Interdisciplinary Scholar in a Global Academic Market