Thursday, March 9, 2017

Journal of Southern Legal History, Vol. 24

I was thrilled to see, when volume 24 (2016) of the Journal of Southern Legal History landed in my mail folder this week, that it included an article by one of my students, Blake B. Hulnick, Georgetown Law Class of 2015.  Here's the TOC:

Jared McClain, "An Analysis of Charles Pinckney's Contributions at the Constitutional Convention of 1787"

Blake B. Hulnick, "Consumer Crusader: Hugo Black as Senate Investigator"

David Franham, "'A High and Delicate Trust": How Ignorance and Indignation Combined to Expand President Lincoln's Claimed Power to Suspend Habeas Corpus in the Case of John Merryman"

Dalton Windham, "'The White Ribbon Army': Politics and Race Relations of the Georgia Women's Christian Temperance Union from 1880 to 1907"

Jack L. Sammons, "Brainerd Currie at Mercer: Two Versions"