Thursday, April 6, 2017

An Upgrade to the Federal Judicial History Website

[We note the following release of the Federal Judicial Center.  H/t: Chris Beauchamp and Karen Tani.]

The history and workings of the U.S. court system can now be explored with a variety of easy-to-navigate and interactive tools available on the Federal Judicial Center’s revamped website. The site, which launched this week, is aimed at providing more information in engaging ways to judicial history buffs, academics and researchers, court personnel, and just about anyone with an interest in the Third Branch.

The website has been upgraded on several fronts. It is fully mobile for the first time, allowing users to get what they need on their cell phones or iPads in addition to computers and laptops. The content is more interactive. For example, researchers can conduct custom searches of databases of court case data or Judiciary demographics, which in some instances can also be downloaded. The content is also shareable via email and social media platforms.

[Read on here or jump straight to the new Federal Judicial History page.]