Monday, July 31, 2017

A Festschrift on US History, Viewed from Abroad

The other day we saw a reference to American Mosaic: Festschrift in Honor of Cornelis A. van Minnen, ed. William E. Leuchtenburg (VU University Press, 2017):
For almost 33 years, Cornelis (Kees) van Minnen served with distinction as the director of the Roosevelt Study Center (RSC) in Middelburg, the Netherlands. During his tenure from 1984 through 2016, the RSC developed from an idea into a highly appreciated and renowned center for the study of American history and U.S.-European relations. Nelson Mandela characterized the RSC as “a famous center of excellence.”

With its growing number of U.S. archival collections, the RSC attracted thousands of researchers from several continents and featured a vibrant program of international conferences, seminars, public lectures, Ph.D. and other research projects, and a steady flow of publications.

In appreciation of Cornelis van Minnen’s more than three decades of dedication to the RSC and of his many contributions to the study of American history and U.S.-European relations, a stellar cast of European and American scholars band together in this Festschrift with a mosaic of essays about America as varied as their current interests in U.S. history and culture.                       
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Introduction: A Tribute to Kees van Minnen
William E. Leuchtenburg

Black Americans and U.S. Imperialism: Race and the Patriotic Dilemma
Serge Ricard

The Great Depression in Australia and the United States
Anthony J. Badger

FDR and the Creation of the Postwar International Order
David B. Woolner

The People That Walked in Darkness: What Europe Gave to the American Civil Rights Movement
Adam Fairclough

Race, Crime, and the Rise of the Carceral State since the 1960s
Manfred Berg

Asa Carter, White Nationalism, and American Politics
Dan T. Carter

The South and the White House
William E. Leuchtenburg

Allies from the Start, in Organization Far Apart: A Comparison between the Dutch and American Political Systems
Doeko Bosscher

The Widening Atlantic: Market Gap, War Gap, God Gap
Detlef Junker

Public and Scholarly Uses of History: Investigating the U.S.-Puerto Rico Colonial Relationship
James Cohen

Exceptionalism, Mental Intertexts, and Transnationalism
Rob Kroes

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Bibliography: Publications by Cornelis A. van Minnen