Friday, July 14, 2017

News of the Edinburgh Centre for Legal History

The Edinburgh Legal History Blog published John W. Cairns’s laureation address upon the occasion of the University of Edinburgh’s conferral of the degree of LL.D. honoris causa to Professor Wolfgang Ernst, Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Oxford.  The conferral of the degree upon Professor Ernst and of doctorates upon two Ph.D. students in legal history–Asya Ostroukh, for“Reception of the French Civil Code in Francophone Switzerland, Louisiana, and Quebec: A Socio-Legal Study," and Ilya Kotlyar, for “The Influence of the European Jus Commune on the Scots law of succession to moveables: 1560-1700”–“encouraged the Centre for Legal History, with the support of the School of Law, to organise a small conference entitled ‘Directions in Legal History and Roman Law,’ involving the new graduates and some current PhD students, to showcase the diversity of the research in the Centre."  Professor Cairn’s illustrated report is here.