Friday, July 28, 2017

di Robilant's Research Agenda on European Property Law

In a tribute symposium, Anna di Robilant, Boston University School of Law, published A Research Agenda for the History of Property Law in Europe, Inspired by and Dedicated to Marc Poirier, in Seton Hall Law Review 47 (2017): 751-769. In the article, Professor di Robilant identifies the “main lines” of her research agenda as
(a) understanding the relation between property and long-term economic change by focusing on the relation between property law and what historians call “social property” relations; (b) understanding property concepts and ideas in the context of the larger ideological and philosophical ideas that shaped the immediate world of  jurists  and  property  lawyers;  (c)  looking  beyond the single, contingent episodes of the history of property law and identifying long-term patterns and regularities in the way jurists conceptualized property; and (d) understanding European property culture in its many entanglements with the non-European world.