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Gilbert, White and friends on emotion, violence, vengeance, and medieval law

Emotion, Violence, Vengeance and Law in the Middle AgesKate Gilbert, independent scholar and Stephen D. White, Emory University have co-edited Emotion, Violence, Vengeance and Law in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of William Ian Miller with Brill. From the press:
Contributions to this Festschrift for the renowned American legal and literary scholar William Ian Miller reflect the extraordinary intellectual range of the honorand, who is equally at home discussing legal history, Icelandic sagas, English literature, anger and violence, and contemporary popular culture. Professor Miller's colleagues and former students, including distinguished academic lawyers, historians, and literary scholars from the United States, Canada, and Europe, break important new ground by bringing little-known sources to a wider audience and by shedding new light on familiar sources through innovative modes of analysis. 
Contributors are Stuart Airlie, Theodore M. Andersson, Nora Bartlett, Robert Bartlett, Jordan Corrente Beck, Carol J. Clover, Lauren DesRosiers, William Eves, John Hudson, Elizabeth Papp Kamali, Kimberley-Joy Knight, Simon MacLean, M.W. McHaffie, Eva Miller, Hans Jacob Orning, Jamie Page, Susanne Pohl-Zucker, Amanda Strick, Helle Vogt, Mark D. West, and Stephen D. White.
Table of Contents after the jump:
List of Illustrations 
Notes on Contributors 
List of Abbreviations 

Introduction: In Search of Miller 
  Stephen D. White 

Bill the Boundless 
  Jordan Corrente Beck 

Miller(ed) in St Andrews 
  Kimberley-Joy Knight and John Hudson 

Part 1: Violence, , and Law in Medieval Historical Sources

1 Hot Anger and Just Indignation: Justificatory Strategies in Early Modern German Homicide Trials 
  Susanne Pohl-Zucker 

2 Trial by Ordeal by Jury in Medieval England, or Saints and Sinners in Literature and Law 
  Elizabeth Papp Kamali 

3 Threats and Intimidation in Anglo-Norman Legal Disputes 
  William Eves 

4 Courts and Rule-Making in Eleventh-Century Western France 
  M. W. McHaffie 

5 Standing up in Court: Gender and Genitalia in Fourteenth-Century Zurich 
  Jamie Page 

6 How To Be Remembered: Securing the Memoria of a Slain Person in Medieval Denmark 
  Helle Vogt 

Part 2: Violence, , and Law in Medieval Literary Sources

7 Telling Evidence in Njáls Saga 
  Carol J. Clover 

8 Widening Horizons in Njáls Saga 
  Theodore M. Andersson 

9 Feud in the State: The Conflict between Haakon Haakonsson and Skule Baardsson 
  Hans Jacob Orning 

10 ‘Waltharius’: Treasure, Revenge and Kingship in the Ottonian Wild West 
  Simon MacLean 

Part 3: Comparative Perspectives

11 Braveheart and Sexual Revenge 
  Robert Bartlett 

12 Stringer’s Saga: Njal and The Wire 
  John Hudson and Mark D. West 

13 ‘An Overdeveloped Sense of ’? The Middle Ages, and Movies 
  Stuart Airlie 

14 Getting a Head in the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Narratives of Enemy Decapitation in Ashurbanipal’s Sources 
  Eva Miller 

Epilogue: Silence as a Weapon of Self-Defence in Sense and Sensibility 
  Nora Bartlett 

Bibliography of Books and Scholarly Articles by William I. Miller 
Compiled by Lauren DesRosiers and Amanda Strick 

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