Friday, May 10, 2019

Publisher's Query: Holmes's "Black Book"

[We have received the following query from the managing editor of Talbot Publishing.  DRE]

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (LC)
As publishers of books on law and legal history, we are currently working on a book entitled The Black Book of Justice Holmes: Text Transcripts and Commentary, edited by Michael H. Hoeflich and Steven Epstein.

The book will consist of a facsimile of the manuscript of Justice Holmes’ Black Book (from Harvard Law Library) along with a transcription of the text, as well as introductory materials. We are very pleased to be the publishers of this book that will bring this important primary source to a larger audience.  127 of the 173 pages of transcriptions are thus far completed and in place in the book.

We are looking for general feedback in terms of page presentation,  but are also looking for scholars who might be interested in providing additional essays to be included in our prefatory materials.

Please contact

Valerie Horowitz
Managing Editor, Talbot Publishing (an imprint of The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.)
33 Terminal Avenue, Clark, New Jersey 07066-1321
Tel: 732-382-1800; Toll Free 800-422-6686 in USA or Canada
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