Monday, November 4, 2019

Cambridge Legal and Social History workshop

Image result for cambridge university crestThe Legal and Social History Workshop at Cambridge University "welcomes speakers and attendees working on or interested in socio-legal history, irrespective of period or location." It fosters connections across disciplines, and features the work of graduate students. More about the workshop here.

Here is the line-up this term (Michaelmas 2019):

  • Tuesday, 22 Oct. 2019: Christopher Whittell, 'An adulterate coin? The coinage of the British republic (1649-1660) within the tradition of English common law'
  • Tuesday, 5 Nov. 2019: Fleur Stolker, 'Bankruptcy and insolvency in the early modern Court of Chancery, 1543-1628'
  • Tuesday, 19 Nov. 2019: Rob Bates, 'An Organized Suspicion? Structuring Administration in the American Civil War Pension System, c.1875-1882'
  • Tuesday, 3 Dec. 2019: Saumya Saxena, 'Court'ing Hindu Nationalism: The Supreme Court of India and the rise of Hindutva'

All sessions will take place at 5.15pm in the Boardroom, History Faculty. All graduates and post docs are welcome. Convenors: Stephanie Brown (, Laura Flannigan (, Ian King (

--Mitra Sharafi