Thursday, November 28, 2019

Cromwell Fellowships Announced

We have recently mentioned the series of awards that the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation makes every year and that we celebrate at the annual meeting of the ASLH. Every year the Foundation also makes available a number of $5,000 fellowships to early career scholars, to support research and writing in American legal history. This year's Cromwell Fellowships went to the following scholars and projects:
Michelle Bezark, PhD Candidate, Northwestern University: “'A Bill for Better Babies': The Sheppard-Towner Act and Building a Modern Welfare State”

Hardeep Dhillon, PhD Candidate, History, Harvard University: “Indians on the Move: Law, Borders, and Freedoms at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Signe Fourmy, PhD Candidate, History, University of Texas at Austin: “They Chose Death Over Slavery: Enslaved Women and Infanticide in the Antebellum South”

Jose Argueta Funes, JD, Yale Law School, PhD Candidate, Princeton University: “Past as Authority: Law, Property, and Reform in Hawai'i, 1840-1920”

Jamie Grischkan, JD, University of Michigan Law School; PhD Candidate, History, Boston University: “Banking, Law, and American Liberalism: The Rise and Regulation of Bank Holding Companies in the Twentieth Century”

Lauren van Haaften-Schick, PhD Candidate, Art History, Cornell University: “The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement: Origins and Afterlives in Art and Law”

Amanda Kleintop, PhD, History, Northwestern University: “The Balance of Freedom: Abolishing Property Rights in Slaves after the US Civil War”

David Korostyshevsky, PhD Candidate, History, University of Minnesota: “’Incapable of Managing His Estate’: Habitual Drunkenness and Guardianship Law in Nineteenth-Century America”

Naama Maor, PhD Candidate, History, University of Chicago: “Delinquent Parents: Power and Responsibility in Progressive-Era Juvenile Justice”

Bharath Palle, S.J.D. Candidate, Harvard Law School: “Wesley Hohfeld and the Struggle for a Legal Science”

Natalie Shibley, PhD, History and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania: “Race, Homosexuality, and Military Justice, 1941-1993”

Lila Teeters, PhD Candidate, History, University of New Hampshire: “Native Citizens: The Contest over U.S. Indigenous Citizenship, 1880-1924”

Lael Weinberger, JD/PhD Candidate, History, University of Chicago: “The Politics of International Law in the United States, 1912-1954”
The members of this year's Cromwell Fellowship Committee were: Serena Mayeri (Chair) (University of Pennsylvania); Kenneth Mack (Harvard University); Thomas J. McSweeney (College of William & Mary); Yvonne Pitts (Purdue University); Tracy Steffes (Brown University); Katherine Turk (University of North Carolina). We thank them for their service and offer our congratulations to all the new fellows!

-- Karen Tani