Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Elsewhere: McCulloch and Slavery Democracy & Empire

Two series of posts elsewhere in the blogosphere this week are noteworthy for legal historians. Balkinization is hosting a symposium on David Schwartz’s new book, The Spirit of the Constitution: John Marshall and the 200-Year Odyssey of McCulloch v. Maryland (Oxford University Press, 2019).  Contributors are Mark Graber (Maryland), Mark Killenbeck (Arkansas), Kurt Lash (Richmond), Sanford Levinson (Texas), John Mikhail (Georgetown), Christina Mulligan (Brooklyn), Victoria Nourse (Georgetown), Richard Primus (Michigan), and Franita Tolson (USC).

And over at U.S. Intellectual History Blog, Holly Brewer (Maryland) has started a series of guest posts, 1619: Racial Slavery, Representative Democracy, and…Empire?

--Dan Ernst