Wednesday, January 15, 2020

du Plessis, ed., "Wrongful Damage to Property in Roman Law: British Perspectives"

Oxford University Press (in partnership with Edinburgh University Press) has released Wrongful Damage to Property in Roman Law: British Perspectives (Dec. 2019), edited by Paul J. du Plessis (University of Edinburgh). A description from the Press:
Few topics have had a more profound impact on the study of Roman law in Britain than the lex Aquilia, a Roman statute enacted c.287/286 BCE to reform the Roman law on wrongful damage to property. This volume investigates this peculiarly British fixation against the backdrop larger themes such as the development of delict/tort in Britain and the rise of comparative law.

Taken collectively, the volume establishes whether it is possible to identify a 'British' method of researching and writing about Roman law.
More information, including the table of contents, is available here.

-- Karen Tani