Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Law & History CRN at LSA

[In a reminder that service to the discipline ought not be a life sentence, we have the following announcement, concerning the Law & History Collaborative Research Network of the Law and Society Association.]

We're delighted to announce that the Law & History Collaborative Research Network (CRN 44) has new organizers! They are: Nate Holdren, Assistant Professor in the Law, Politics, & Society Program at Drake University; Elizabeth D. Katz, Associate Professor of Law at Washington University School of Law; and Charlotte Rosen, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Northwestern University. More information, including contact information for the organizers, is available [here.]

We have enjoyed organizing the Law & History CRN for the past several years, and are delighted that it's going to be in such great hands going forward. Please join me in welcoming Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Nate!


Joanna Grisinger, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University
Logan Sawyer, University of Georgia Law School
Kathryn Schumaker, Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage, University of Oklahoma
Kimberly Welch, Department of History, Vanderbilt University

[Thanks alike, to the outgoing and incoming citizen-scholars.  DRE.]