Monday, September 14, 2020

ASLH Virtual Mini-Conference

 [We are only just getting around to posting here the following information, which has been up on the website of the American Society for Legal History for some time.  DRE]

The ASLH program committee has organized an exciting short program of online panels to be held on November 13-14, 2020. You can find the schedule below.  The mini-conference will be free to attend. Information about registration and virtual attendance will be posted here soon.  All times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

American Society for Legal History, Virtual Mini-Conference November 13-14, 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020

10:30-12:00: Panel 1 – The Everyday Materials of Colonial Legal Spaces

Kalyani Ramnath, Harvard University

“Half Real: Space, Imagination and the Juzgado de Indios in Spanish America”
Bianca Premo, Florida International University

“Paper, People, Cloth: Mixed Courtrooms and Materiality in Colonial Indonesia”
Sanne Ravensbergen, Leiden University

“Out of Bounds in the Circum-Caribbean”
Laurie Wood, Florida State University

“Policing the Countryside in Colonial Mexico: Native Law, Custom, and Jurisdiction”
Yanna Yannakakis, Emory University

1:00-2:30: Panel 2 – Documenting Identity in the Atlantic World, 1600–1800: A Conversation

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, University of Southern California
Hannah Muller, Brandeis University

“Licenses in Servitude, Military Service, and Slavery: Views from the Lower Courts”
Sonia Tycko, Oxford University

“‘That no such Alien shall depart…without previously obtaining a Passport’: identification and documentation under the Aliens Acts, 1793-1794”
Hannah Muller, Brandeis University

“Between Land and Sea: Maritime Identification Documents and Terrestrial Legal Regimes”
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, University of Southern California

Susan Pearson, Northwestern University

2:45-4:15: Panel 3 – The Preyer Prize Panel

“‘Los Hijos Son La Riqueza Del Pobre:’ Postwar Mexican Child Migration and the Making of Domestic (Im)migrant Exclusion, 1940-1965”
Ivón Padilla-Rodriguez, Columbia University

Barbara Welke, University of Minnesota

“Policing the ‘Police State’: Detention, Supervision, and Deportation During the Cold War”
Smita Ghosh, University of Pennsylvania

Lucy Salyer, University of New Hampshire

2:45-3:15: Panel 4 – Roundtable: Publishing Legal History Books in the Coronavirus Era

Wendy Strothman, The Strothman Agency
Reuel Schiller, Hastings College of the Law/Cambridge University Press
Michael Lobban, London School of Economics/Cambridge University Press
Tim Bent, Oxford University Press
Debbie Gershenowitz, University of North Carolina Press

Saturday, November 14, 2020

10:30-12:00: Panel 1 – Jefferson, Madison, and the Challenge of Abolition in the Era of the Haitian Revolution

“Slavery in the Era of the Founders”
Annette Gordon-Reed, Harvard University
Peter Onuf, University of Virginia

“Caribbean Migrants and the Non-enforcement of the 1807 Ban on the Slave Trade”
Rebecca Scott, University of Michigan
Andrew Walker, Kenyon College

Malick Ghachem, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1:00-2:30: Panel 2 – Presidential Address & Prize Announcements

Lauren Benton, Yale University