Monday, September 21, 2020

Robinson, Mäkinen, Slotte, & Haara, eds., "Rights at the Margins: Historical, Legal and Philosophical Perspectives"

Earlier this year, Brill released Rights at the Margins: Historical, Legal and Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Jonathan Robinson (independent scholar), Virpi Mäkinen (University of Helsinki), Pamela Slotte (Åbo Akademi University), and Heikki Haara (University of Helsinki). A description from the Press:

The essays in this volume explore the ways rights were available to those in the margins of society. By tracing pivotal judicial concepts such as 'right of necessity' and 'subjective rights' back to their medieval versions, and by situating them in unexpected contexts such as the Franciscans' theory of poverty and colonization or today's immigration and border control, this volume invites its readers to consider whether individual rights were in fact, or at least in theory, available to the marginalized. By focusing not only on the economically impoverished but also those who were disenfranchised because of disability, gender, race, religion or infidelity, this book also sheds light on the relationship between the early history of individual rights and social justice at the margins.
Contributors: Wim Decock, Heikki Haara, Virpi Mäkinen, Alejandra Mancilla, Julia McClure, Ilse Paakkinen, Mikko Posti, Jonathan Robinson, John Salter, Pamela Slotte, and Jussi Varkemaa. 

More information, including the TOC, is available here

H/t New Books in Law.

-- Karen Tani