Friday, January 29, 2021

A Lecture Series on “Crisis in Constitutional Democracy" at WSC

The Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public and Public Service at Washington State University is hosting an excellent series of noon-hour lectures, on “crisis in constitutional democracy.”  Eric Foner, DeWitt Clinton professor emeritus of history, Columbia University will deliver the opening Foley Distinguished Lecture, “The crisis in historical context: What the era of Reconstruction tells us,” on Feb. 16.  Bruce Ackerman, Sterling professor of law and political science, Yale University, will follow with his lecture, “Was Trump a Symptom of a Constitutional Dis-Ease?” on Thursday, Feb. 25.  Stephen Skowronek, Pelatiah Perit professor of political and social science, Yale University, will present the third lecture: “The wayward course of American presidential democracy” on Thursday, March 4.  Kim Lane Scheppele, Laurance S. Rockefeller professor of sociology and international affairs, Princeton University, will deliver the final lecture in the series, “The crisis of democracy in global context” on Tuesday, March 16.

"All upcoming and recorded Foley Institute online events can be watched directly from the institute’s YouTube channel. To sign up to receive notifications via email of upcoming events, email”

–Dan Ernst