Monday, August 20, 2007

New Indiana Law Journal On-Line Supplement welcomes student writing

Announced by Douglas A. Hass, Executive Notes & Comments Editor, Indiana Law Journal, in an essay, The New Journal: A Supplement Not Undertaken Hitherto, on SSRN. The new supplement and submission procedures are not yet announced on the Journal website, so you should contact the Journal for more information. Here's the abstract:
While blogs or Wikis undoubtedly have an important, expressive place in legal discourse, these short-form outlets leave the demand for timely, interactive legal discourse unfulfilled. Printed law journals and online repositories like SSRN or Berkeley Electronic Press cannot address these needs either. This article introduces Indiana Law Journal's expanded publication, the Indiana Law Journal Supplement, and explains how the new online, short-form journal meets the Journal's original purpose and fills an important void left by other outlets.
The Indiana Law Journal has consistently been one of the few top-tier law journals to both encourage and publish significant student works. Ideas that advance the practice of law are no less vital simply because students - at Indiana or elsewhere - developed them. The article describes how the Supplement enables the Journal to amplify the focus on ideas, rather than who holds them. By offering both the interactivity and timeliness of blogs and the established path of legal scholarship provided by traditional law reviews, the Journal can further the purposes it first outlined in 1925.