Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Many more Guggenheims to Law Professors this year

The new Guggenheim in Constitutional Studies has been awarded to Randy E. Barnett, Georgetown and Richard Primus, Michigan.

In addition, Guggenheims in Law have been awarded to: Samuel Moyn, Columbia (History); Richard H. Pildes, NYU; Susan S. Silbey, MIT (Anthropology and Sociology); Katherine V. W. Stone, UCLA. Robin Stryker, Professor of Sociology and Affiliated Professor of Law, University of Minnesota, also received an award, in the field of Sociology.

In the past few years, there have been only two Guggenheims in the law category. Because some fellowships in law go to scholars in other fields (last year Michael McCann, Political Science, University of Washington), that meant as few as one Guggenheim to a scholar whose appointment was in a law school (last year me).

To go from one or two fellows to four law professors in one year is a major shift.

Guggenheims in History this year go to:
Economic History, Howard Bodenhorn; Medieval History, Brigitte Miriam Bedos‑Rezak; Renaissance History, Christopher S. Celenza; German and East European History, Margaret Lavinia Anderson; French History; Laurent Dubois; Italian History; Alan M. Stahl; Iberian and Latin American History; João Biehl, Mary Kay Vaughan; British History, Deborah Cohen; United States History, Leon Fink, Allan Greer, Wendy Griswold, Daniel Horowitz, Joanne Meyerowitz.

More details are here. Congratulations to all!